Sunday 30 November 2014

My Book Cover Uncovered,

My wonderful friend Eric Wilder, the founder of the grimmreport and the author of I’Humpty is also a pretty darn good designer. Eric has produced for me the book cover for my first novel ‘Loved and Lost’ 

Eric designed this cover for me as a surprise without any input from me so i can’t take any credit for any of it. 

I feel that he has captured the theme of the story brilliantly, I especially love the way that the hands form a heart shape and that the two lovers are losing the wording symbolising the lost love Its cleaver and its eye catching what more do you need from a cover page.

Should you wish to commission Eric for your design work, please visit his web site ericwilder. where you will find a showcase of other projects that he has worked on or find him at for a consolation. 

All that I really have left to say now is I owe you big time Grimmy, thank you so very much for your friendship and your skills.

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