Tuesday 19 May 2015

The Fox

I have always been passionate about is speaking out for the ones without a voice. I have never been able to comprehend animal cruelty on any level but I find it extremely confusing as to how people that have an obvious love for our four legged friends find it completely acceptable to kill an animal in the most horrific and inhumane way, so long as they are dressed up in fine equestrian attire and are doing so in the name of sport.

Sport? They call this a sport? I myself am an equestrian, I have a clear understanding for the thrill of the ride; I understand the enjoyment of hacking across countryside with your pals. I have felt the adrenalin rush when galloping through open fields and jumping fallen logs. Yes that is a sport and one of the best that you can do but PLEASE do not confuse the act of animal brutality as a sport. Dogs tearing a terrified, exhausted cowering animal to shreds as you and your friends watch on and cheer is not a sport its sick and has no place in a modern day society. 

They are vermin the pro hunt people say…really? Then what disease do they spread? I think you will find that in the UK our fox population do not harbor rabies or fox tapeworm… They kill chickens for fun…It’s nature… erm are you not killing the fox for actual fun? Does that mean that I should jump on my horse and chase you down then allow you to be savaged to death? Its tradition…the weakest of all arguments, so was caning in schools = outdated barbaric and unnecessary. 

I have not yet heard a good strong argument that has actually stopped me in my tracks and made me consider that fox hunting should return. The only reason David Cameron is desperate to push this bill through is because he takes part and his friends have offered the conservatives copious amounts of cash if he lifts the ban that stops them from legally torturing living creatures that actually feel terror and pain. I fear that I’m wasting my breath; I mean a man that is considering abolishing human rights is hardly going to empathize with animals rights.      



  1. I agree with everything you say. Cameron and his pals only care about power & greed.
    I have signed the petition & can only hope that this gets enough signatures to over rule Cameron's sick idea of fun.

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