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    I recommend all of the above named books. Please feel free to read my reviews and perhaps added them to your reading list.


    I read this book over three days as I was unable to stop. The story was originally wrote in a note book and to me it hasnt lost that feel giving the story true authentic appeal. Its not over worked or over written its 296 honest pages of an extraordinary mans life.

    The book is full of random dilemmas that Mr Xfaces in the early stages of helping his friends set up their exclusive makeover agency for the privilege lady. Friendships are tried and tested as the three important women in Xlife are fighting for not only his hand in marriage but (coughcough) his affections in every way possible.

    Each of the dates in the book are unique to the lady receiving the service. Xman is pushed to the limits of his abilities to ensure that each lady leaves him feeling satisfied. At one point he even has to break into a bank to give his client the date she deserves.

    The story takes a sad twist and for this you see the man that appears to have it all, the money, charm, appeal, ladies and a great set of friends feel as though he has nothing. This is a very emotional part of the book that has been written from deep within his heart revealing his sensitive side.

    The book is packed with giggles, the most hilarious thanks giving dinner and cringie but brilliant wedding episodes.

    Every lady deserves a date with Mr X, I recommend you treat yourself to a copy today and see a side to men that you very rarely get to see.              

    'Holy Shit' By Warrick Mayes 

    Holy Shit!: Sequel to "Sleeping With God" (Sexy God Book 2)The brilliant squeal to 'Sleeping With God' after receiving a mysterious letter from the bank Tilly makes and even more shocking discovery about her parentage.

    The devils is up to his old tricks again and he's set on making Alex, Cathy and Mogdia pay for his embarrassing defeat in 'Sleeping with God'. The devil finds a new host to possess and starts his next plot to destroy Alex by kidnapping his son William. Tilly finds that in order to save her brother and clear her father’s name she has to take on the devil himself and win the impossible war.

    The story is a gripping mystery mixed with well written erotic scenes and an underlined love story. I really enjoyed this story and can’t wait for more from this talented author.    


    'Sleeping With God’ By Warrick Mayes 

    Sleeping With God (Sexy God Book 1)

    Imagine if God was walking amongst us. Imagine if God was actually your boss at work. What if God was actually a woman and you discover that you are actually married to her. All of the above happened to Alex Brown. 

    Alex Brown is nothing more than a casual office worker that finds himself attracted to a very beautiful cocktail waitress at an office function. One thing leads to another and he ends up marrying the stunning Mogdia Thymgail, only to discover that his wife is in fact God Almighty. This plays havoc with Alex and Mogdia’s sex life as Alex battles with his morals.

    To make matters worse Alex then finds himself in the middle of a holy battle between God and Satan after having his head turned by the sexy stripper Cathy. Unfortunately for him, he is rather confused as to which person is truly his God and who’s path he should follow. 

    ‘Sleeping With God’ is a very cleverly written love story laced with humour, that keeps you gripped and wanting to turn those pages, it reads easily and flows well, once I got started I didn’t want to stop. 


    'Erotic Shorts' by Warrick Mayes 

    This collection of short stories has been produced by the Author Warrick Mayes as a showcase of his work in order to entice the readers to pick up his novel ‘Sleeping With God’

    The collection features the opening story ‘A Postman’s Story’ this is light and easy to read and full of erotic scenes that really get you thinking about all the  scenarios faced by our own friendly postie on his round.

    Abducted takes on a much darker tone. The authors voice in the story changes as you read his plan to take his victim on the ride of her life…but will she really appreciate all of his efforts?

    ‘Hooked’ and ‘Silk Cake’ delve into the world of Lesbian sex.

    All of the short stories in this book are easy to read and great for passing a spare hour. I would recommend that you pick up this showcase and treat yourself to a little read.

    The witty and intriguing I, Humpty by Eric C. Wilder

    I,Humpty is a collection of mock tabloid style short stories, mixing classic children’s fairy tales with modern day life. I Humpty flows easily and is fun to read, starting and ending with the story of Humpty himself.

    Through the pages we visit the quirky world of many of the charming fairy tale characters that we all grew up with, discovering the dark truth behind our old time favourites with just the right fusion of adult humour bringing the works to life and providing you with endless belly crunching laughs.

    Uncover the reality behind the Hansel and Gretel scandal, be a fly on the wall of some of ‘Fairy Tale Lands’ most prestigious marriages and will we ever discover what part of Pinocchio’s body grows when he tells a lie?


    Round and Round By Terry Tyler, this book another of Terry’s masterpieces, I simply love this lady’s work she always writes about the things that most women actually think about in life and this story is no different.

    The story follows Sophie thought her life leading up to her 40th birthday. Unhappy with her current love life and felling trapped by her mother’s words of “Life Ends at 40”  and the fact that the dreaded day is looming Sophie finds herself asking the age old question of what if, but with the help of an unexplainable force lead by her adoring old Aunt Flick, Sophie is given an insight as to how her life would have turned out if she had chosen to follow the “Other” paths on offer.


    I have now finished the final book in the truly brilliant Grumbles trilogy ‘How many pills did you take?’ and laughed along with the brilliant author with ever page turn.

    The plot is gripping to the end as all of the secrets and strange moments that Petite the undercover agent and her side kick the adorable Toga had to face begin to unfold.

    Will Petit and Toga get to the Spudapalooza in time to bring down the wicked evil twin of her beloved Hector? Who is ‘M’ and why do the baddies always seem to be able to track Petite and Toga down? And will we ever get to use one of those fabulous cabbage bombs.


    In All Crises – Drink Tea

    ‘Peace of Time’ is a lovely summer time read that is simply perfect to pick up and get lost in whilst lounging on your sunbed.

    ‘Peace of Time’ is based around a twenty four month time scale in the life of Jenny a kind hearted school teacher. Jenny discovers a new friendship along the way after an accident involving one of her pupils, then finds herself traveling along the dark path of infidelity whilst trying to uphold her strong beliefs in the principle of marriage.

    Rosalind Rendle writes with a lot of detail building her characters and bringing them to life. She takes time in her writing to grow each individual and develop their part in Jenny’s story.    

    Have you ever had that aching feeling in your tummy that something bad is about to happen?
    If so then maybe you are a secret agent in that making and you should grab a copy of the ‘Agent training manual’ failing that then I strongly suggest you read Grumbles book two ‘Take Another Pill’
    Pettie Grumbles and the adorable little Toga continue on their mission to save the world from the heinous weatherman.
    ‘Take Another Pill’ is packed with all the action and excitement of book one of the Grumbles series  ‘Take A Pill’ without losing any of the comedy value or the climate change message that this Remarkable lady has to offer.
    The trip to Montreal is filled with amazing wonders as Pettie Grumbles comes across such futuristic marvels such as men ‘Hosting’ babies, Mad cows diseases and of course antibiotic dog slaver.
    You can’t help but smile and laugh out loud at Pettie as you are pulled into this rather scary future earth that has been mutated by climate change as she juggles Secret agent business and her agony aunt column along with fighting the growing maternal urge to protect Toga and his dog Emma.
    Petite soon starts to realise that Toga has become the centre of the Evil Weatherman’s  kidnap mission. But with very little to go on will she be able to uncover the boy’s true identity before it’s too late?  
    Join Pettie and Toga on their journey and meet some truly marvellous characters such as Captain Dragwood, Jacqui, Trollman and Renata.

    Five Stars for this book


    Petite Grumbles the witty and slightly reluctant undercover agent is brought back into service and given the task of saving the world from the controlling and beyond evil Weather Man, who just happens to be her beloved boyfriends twin!

    Grumbles finds herself on a mission laced with self discovery and secret agent dangers at almost every twist and page turn.

    This book is fun and futuristic, filled with dry wit and a charming girl power theme.

    Karen is a talented writer and Grumbles is an utterly enjoyable masterpiece, that pulls you into her world whilst giving you food for thought about issues such as climate change and just what effect government control may have on your great grandchildren's future.

    I really am looking forward to reading book 2 and I highly recommend this book.

    Five Stars for this book

    The Flower City Chronicles - Make It Stop by Karen Faris

    This is a very well written short story that is most certainly worth downloading.

    Make it Stop is a clifi story that focuses on a young man and his need for revenge on the people that run him out of his home town a few years previous.

    Joel finds that he can no longer resist the call of the weather controlling fiddle and finds himself at his grandmother's house ready to reek havoc on the people of the Flower City.

    Under the control of the fiddle Joel plays causing what appears to be natural disasters harming and injuring his fellow citizens.

    For a quick fun read pop this short story on your list, perfect for your lunch break or commute home from work.


    Dead man’s Hand – from the opening prologue this book start with and holds a fast pace pulling you deep into the story and enticing you to keep turning those pages. The Author writes vivid descriptions painting film like pictures in your mind.

    From beginning to end the author builds his characters turning them into real people allowing you to build up relationship with them, whilst building the plot and filling it with easy to read twists and turns.

    The story follows the plight of a notorious debt collector Calvin Watters. The bone breaker finds himself in a fight to clear his name against some of the more influential characters in the Las Vegas casino scene. Will he ever regain his freedom?

    Five Stars for this read.


    The Consultant is filled with exciting twists and turns from beginning to end. Filled with high speed car chases and all of the expected graphic gore of any good mob book The Consultant is a gripping page turner that I was glued to until the last page turn. One of the things that I enjoyed about this book was the Love story between Kyla and Ian this brought a softer side to the story and for me made it more real. I look forward to more from the Author and highly recommend this book.


    Nine lives is a collection of short stories from the amazing Terry Tylor.

    Each story in this collection is well written and easy to read, carrying a little warning messages that are relevant to everyday life. I’m pretty sure once you start reading you will be able to identify with the situations that Terry puts her character’s in.


    Angle the perfect wife with the perfect life will it all come falling down around her when she meets and falls for the charms of the charismatic Max?

    Loved the twist around in this short well written story of lust and infidelity.


    Oh Terry you really had me there with Mia, not much more can be said, it simply is a brilliant piece of writing. An excellent portrayal of some women’s struggles in life and it’s got to be said a little scary.

    Kiss Your Past Goodbye:

    Ah the lost love every girls worse nightmare rewarded by Karma, Love this piece and I’m sure many girls can relate to this.

    I have said it once before but Terry Tyler really is quickly becoming my favourite author.


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    Brilliant, I really enjoyed this modern day love story with a difference. I get a little bored of reading story’s that end predictably. ‘What it takes’ however had me gripped and totally unsure of just who was going to get with who.

    The story is told through each of the characters eyes. The chapters are named indicating whose telling the story and then their side of the tale is told. This builds depth into each character, I found that although the story is centered around Karen each individual plays a main role with this way of writing. The author builds each person by filling in the back grounds and writing with a different voice, this allows you to get a feel for them as individuals and makes it easy to actually get lost in their worlds.

    Terry is amazing at playing with your loyalties. One moment your all over Karen feeling sorry for her and her sad little life, then she hits you with a twist and you really start to believe that this women is twisted and you get a horrid feeling of pity for the male of the story, and then another two unexpected twists are thrown in the mix again making you question just whose team you want to be on.
    Terry work is humorous and I especially love her little “girl power” hints.

    Five Stars all round Terry.


    Alpha Girl (Book 1: The Wolfling Saga 1)

    Alpha Girl starts with Rose, a teen struggling with her place in life narrating the story. Your instantly pulled into her unhappy world and start to form a relationship built more out of pity with this poor tormented school girl.

    A taboo relationship between Rose and her English teacher begins to blossom and although your fully aware that this relationship has only one ending that been one of doom you find yourself willing them together.

    The time scale of the story is cleverly show as each chapter is a countdown to the next full moon. Hated by everybody and persecuted by her peers you begin to realize that all is not what it seems with Rose as she suffers an episode of “sickness” that follows a strict 21 day cycle.   

    The relationship between Rose and her teacher is written beautifully, the author builds up the sexual tension between the two, ensuring that Roses age and inexperience is not forgotten but also allowing her dark wild animalistic side to show through the more she relents to her natural instinct.

    I was instantly pulled into this story and found it hard to put down once I had started, the author keeps you interested with the many twists and turns and then hits you with a twist at the end. Alpha Girl for me was an enjoyable take on the much loved Werewolf tales and a definite must read.

    5 stars from me Kate and I look forward to reading more of your work. 

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    For Nothing By Nicholas Denmon

    This is the first mafia book that I have read and I really enjoyed it. The Author has taken time to ensure that first time mafia story readers like myself are not lost with the terminology or the family structures he ensures that you feel and understand the strong respectful family bonds built by the Italians over time.

    This bond of family and friendships is equally shared by the vengeful undercover policeman that is determined to get revenge for the death of his childhood friend no matter what the cost to him professionally or personally.

    The opening page had me utterly mesmerized by the descriptive writing; although the opening scene is gory it is beautifully written.

    This set the expectations high for the rest of the book and the author dose not disappoint he captures your mind and pulls you deep into the world of each character as you glide through their individual rolls within the story, allowing you to feel their tense emotional pain as the story progresses.

    Just as you think you have worked out the plot it is snatched away from you. This book keeps you hooked right until you have turned the last page leaving you desperate to read the sequel.



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    Buffalo Soldiers By Nicholas Denmon

    The sequel to "For Nothing" not only contains all of the testosterone, fuelled manliness experienced in the first book, but the author has now added a feminine touch by introducing two amazingly strong ladies, that in my opinion actually out muscle the men, it's a nice touch.

    The story starts with the shocking kidnap of the assassin Rafael Rontego and the introduction of a few new characters. You then embark on a series of clever, gripping high speed turns and bumps as it is revealed how each of the characters lives are tied together in the dark world of the Italian and Russian mafia.

    The author really knows how to entice you into the story willing you to build up relationships with the characters, before cleverly twisting the story and pulling at your heartstrings with unexpected twists and turns that force you to turn the next page.

    I enjoyed this read and didn't work out its cleverly written twist until the very last pages. This is a an exciting mafia thriller that I highly recommend to be added to your reading list.


    Past Aghast (Jack Bass Black Cloud Chronicles)
    Dr jack Bass is the new Anaesthesia Department Chairman of the South US Trauma Centre looking for a quieter life after leaving the Army due to a horrendous ordeal in Afghanistan that has left him suffering with PTSD.
    Dr Bass unwillingly finds himself in the middle of a well organized plot of embezzlement and been set up as a scape goat for an horrific double murder.
    As you read further into the book you find yourself questioning if the Good doctor is really just the “scape goat” or if his PTDS is leading him into a dark side of his psyche that he simply has no control over as each attack seems to become more intense.  
    The Author has you biting your nails as you turn the pages never failing to excite and surprise you with his cleverly written twists and turns.
    I gave this Book 5 Stars.

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    Namless By Joe Conlon

    Due to the Nameless ones infatuation with the beautiful Annie, he embarks on a deadly game of cat and mouse. His main goal is to beat the FBI at what they are best at whilst feeding his insatiable need to kill and to feed off the fear of death in his victims eyes.

    The author has a unique way of breathing life into each of his characters. On introduction he tells their personal stories making you build up a relationship with them, pulling you deep into their worlds, allowing you to feel there emotions and then the sufferings at the hands of the Nameless one before their life's are snatched away.

    Nameless is very cleverly written and flicks from each characters point of view with ease. The writing flows beautifully trapping you and pulling you into the story from the opening chapter, keeping you engrossed with each twist and turn forcing you to turn that next page.

    I gave this book 5 Stars 


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    Trading Vincent Crow By D.C.J Wardle

    This is the story of a young mans journey as he trades up in life. The decision is made during the new years celebrations that he is fed up of his mundane existence and that he wants to improve his life. Vincent sets a rule that he must better his current position in life every three months trading up everything in his life from his job role to his girlfriend.

    Trading Vincent Crow is an easy fun read that is just bursting with British humour. The author has a way of writing that keeps you enthralled and turning the pages.

    On a personal note I often found myself giggle especially during Nan's rants.

    I gave this book 4 stars


    Dead and Buried is another spine tingling short story from the short story extraordinaire Christopher S Dixon.

    Dead and Buried begins with two lovers Alex and Linda having a little extra curricular fun in an old disused grave yard. Everything is going great until a sudden change in the atmosphere dampens the mood for the couple.


    Christopher has an excellent way with mixing tension and fear into his short stories, forcing you to keep on truing those pages. As with every book form Mr Dixon you think you have worked out the plot then right at the ends he hits you with one of his twists.

    I highly recommend this Author for lunch time read giving him a full 5 stars.


    Shadow By C.S Dixon

    The shadow is an easy well flowing read that keeps you turning the pages from the start.

    The author pulls you into his character David’s plight with each page turn you begin to build up a relationship with him and a feeling of sorrow at the daily fight that he faces just getting through the simple tasks in life.

    The growth of the shadow through David’s fear is chilling and as a reader I find that you are willing him to escape it ever nearing clutches.

    I enjoyed this read and didn’t work out its cleverly written twist until the very last pages. This is a chilling thriller that I highly recommend to be added to your reading list.

    I gave this book 5 Stars 


    Fly on the Wall

    This is another brilliant short story form Christopher S Dixon.

    This horror/thriller is a chilling well written short story that is filled to bursting with spine tingling descriptions.

    The story begins with the everybody’s worst nightmare of waking up in dire situation that you have absolutely no control over. The confusion and the terror felt by been in this hideous situation has been dispensed to the reader with such wonderfully written vivid descriptions. You feel the utter fear and isolation that one would feel if you awoke in a cell like room, unable to see your surroundings or hear anything but the deafening silence   and then suddenly becoming under attack by an unknown entity.

    The beauty of C.S Dixon’s work is that you can fit in and finish a great story during your lunch hour or on the bus on your way to work. I highly recommend that you add his story’s to your kindle you will not be disappointed by these pocket sized horror/thriller story’s.  
    I gave this book 5 Stars


    Cut Throat

    This is not my usual read but I was gripped from the opening and intrigued to see how true love could be formed during such an horrific killing. Considering the title and the nature of this book it is rather beautifully written. It reads as an old folk tale and makes you feel as though you are sitting by a log fire on a cold snowy evening listening to a white bearded storyteller as he sips on mulled wine.

    Set in medieval times we travel with O’Neil the Irish Assassin and Torbjorg his love interest as they cross Europe on a murderous rampage. This book has it all, a fast easy flowing interesting read filled with murder suspense and lashings of gore and let’s not forget that it is also based on recorded events and filled with real-life characters.  

    I gave this book 3 Stars  
    Honest Sid

    A wonderful tale of a somewhat seedy taboo, this story is set in the early 20th century and tells the tale of a hustlers life. Honest Sid is heart-warming, charming and emotionally charged, the author has a great talent of drawing you into his characters so that you feel their pain and happiness as the story evolves.
    I found it an easy well flowing read that kept me turning the pages. I certainly recommend this book.  

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