Tuesday 19 May 2015

The Fox

I have always been passionate about is speaking out for the ones without a voice. I have never been able to comprehend animal cruelty on any level but I find it extremely confusing as to how people that have an obvious love for our four legged friends find it completely acceptable to kill an animal in the most horrific and inhumane way, so long as they are dressed up in fine equestrian attire and are doing so in the name of sport.

Sport? They call this a sport? I myself am an equestrian, I have a clear understanding for the thrill of the ride; I understand the enjoyment of hacking across countryside with your pals. I have felt the adrenalin rush when galloping through open fields and jumping fallen logs. Yes that is a sport and one of the best that you can do but PLEASE do not confuse the act of animal brutality as a sport. Dogs tearing a terrified, exhausted cowering animal to shreds as you and your friends watch on and cheer is not a sport its sick and has no place in a modern day society. 

They are vermin the pro hunt people say…really? Then what disease do they spread? I think you will find that in the UK our fox population do not harbor rabies or fox tapeworm… They kill chickens for fun…It’s nature… erm are you not killing the fox for actual fun? Does that mean that I should jump on my horse and chase you down then allow you to be savaged to death? Its tradition…the weakest of all arguments, so was caning in schools = outdated barbaric and unnecessary. 

I have not yet heard a good strong argument that has actually stopped me in my tracks and made me consider that fox hunting should return. The only reason David Cameron is desperate to push this bill through is because he takes part and his friends have offered the conservatives copious amounts of cash if he lifts the ban that stops them from legally torturing living creatures that actually feel terror and pain. I fear that I’m wasting my breath; I mean a man that is considering abolishing human rights is hardly going to empathize with animals rights.      


Sunday 29 March 2015

AllisonSarah: Today theamazing Mr 'X' willbe joining me on my bl...

AllisonSarah: Today theamazing Mr 'X' willbe joining me on my bl...: Today the amazing Mr 'X'   will be joining me on my blog and I ’ m already hot under the collar to be meeting New York ’ s male equ...
Today the amazing Mr 'X' will be joining me on my blog and Im already hot under the collar to be meeting New Yorks male equivalent to Carrie Bradshaw, to be honest Im not sure if I will come out of this meeting alive.

My thoughts on his book.

I read this book over three days as I was unable to stop. The story was originally written in a note book, and to me it hasnt lost that feel giving the story true authentic appeal. Its not over worked or over written its 296 honest pages of an extraordinary mans life.

The book is full of random dilemmas that Mr Xfaces in the early stages of helping his friends set up their exclusive makeover agency for the privilege lady. Friendships are tried and tested as the three important women in Xlife are fighting for not only his hand in marriage but (coughcough) his affections in every way possible.

Each of the dates in the book is unique to the lady receiving the service. Xman is pushed to the limits of his abilities to ensure that each lady leaves him feeling satisfied. At one point he even has to break into a bank to give his client the date she deserves.

The story takes a sad twist and for this you see the man that appears to have it all, the money, charm, appeal, ladies and a great set of friends feel as though he has nothing. This is a very emotional part of the book that has been written from deep within his heart revealing his sensitive side.

The book is packed with giggles, the most hilarious thanks giving dinner and cringie but brilliant wedding episode.             

Lets get down to business and meet the man between the (paper) sheets

Welcome XMan. Normally one of my first questions is why did you write this book. Thats explained from the outset but for the people that havent discovered what you have to offer between the pages please give us a brief insight.

As you know I was trying to win back a woman I lost due to my reckless actions with her bosses wife in an elevator. Helen asked me to become the subject of her book and if I did this for her she would allow me back into her life after she ran away from me.

My other partner in crime Angie threatened my life if I did not complete this book project that has made me meet more women than Prada. During that span of time covered in the book I understood that Helens quest to have me date the world via her book became my road back to myself and the people I love.

This book will forever be about them and me during our time together as we learned the value of life, friendships and love.

From the book I understand you would not call yourself an author, but Im sure everybody is gagging to know, will you be treating us ladies to a second insight to your world?

The crazy thing about releasing that book was the response it got from women who I never met before. I know I don't live a normal life, but somehow women from all around the world wanted to become a part of my life. I get emails in languages I don't know contacting me in ways that would make E L James blush.

This made Helen and Angie ambush me one night at a club and demand I write more books as Mr. X. This all happen a few months after the ending of this book.

I just went back to my life not as Mr. X in New York while the world began to want Mr. X.

It took several attempts on my life and a few interesting bribes, but in the end the book mafia extorted four more books out of me. Book 2 Mr. X - The Beginning will take everyone back to the time I came back to New York and began my PR firm and my life in New York. It was an interesting time for me since I had no one in my life at that time and you get to see how my gang and I came together in my quest to conquer New York.


So tell me what is Mr Xnormal daily routine from waking up to going to bed? 

I will only speak about my bed. :)

It is normally around 11:00am and it involves me saying good morning to a picture from Miami I have near my bed of a special angel that owes me a dance.

Then it's off to the worlds most empty designer kitchen for coffee while I try to become normal.

I find a suit and begin my day of meetings, and making money.

I always have lunch with a woman.

The smile of a woman during a lunch date is something that I will always do until the end.

I normally meet one of the gang members for afternoon tea or coffee and try to fend off anymore Mr. X extortions which is a never ending battle with Helen and Angie. By the afternoon I hit the gym and use my body in ways that don't involve me getting in to trouble. :)

Once the evening hits I make it a point to never eat dinner alone or at home.

I meet women everyday from all over the world here in New York and that adds the spice to my dinner and everything that follows after that evening.

If you was going to take me on a date what could I expect (crosses fingers and hopes for the best)

You amaze me with your schedule and focus to your horses and your kids.

So here goes:

I would send a car for you at the airport after your long trip from the UK.

I would have a suite ready for you at the Hudson Hotel so you could rest that first night but be near me until we meet in the morning. (I live a few steps away.)

In the morning I would meet you for a late breakfast / lunch so that I can begin the process of taking you out of your world and into mine.

After our conversation involving wine and smiles that can only be found on first dates, I will take you for a walk in Central Park so I can learn to match your rhythm of walking as I always look for a way or reason to hold your hand.

I would then take you over to a spot that keeps the last of New York's riding horses and have you select one for a afternoon ride in the park.

After your horse is back with his friends I would take you back to your suite in order for you to get ready for dinner with me at one of my favorite restaurants here in the city.

After I feed you and deplete the world of another bottle of wine, I will kidnap you to a lounge for further drinks and conversations that will lead us deeper into the night.

Then I will ask you if you want to miss your flight in the morning?

(Sorry...i was just booking my ticket...just leave me here daydreaming about that...please)

Okay back to business...
You/Mr Xis a complete mystery to usdescribe yourself Honestly

I was raised by a pack of wolves that wore Gucci. :)

Ok, here goes:

I am 43
I am 6'2
I have an incredible smile that keeps me in business and in trouble.

I was born here in New York and was raised by my Grandfather who was a gentleman and a lover of women. He taught me that a man has to be whatever makes a woman happy.

So to answer your question, Mr. X is whatever you need me to be. :)

Other than dating whats your favorite pastime?

Enjoying life in everyway I can find.

I now find myself replying to emails from women all around the world thanks to this book.

On average I am a New Yorker at heart so I spend a lot of my time just meeting and talking to amazing people that live here in my city. You don't have to be a model or rich to get my attention. I love people and if you ever find yourself here in New York talking to a very nice stranger in a designer suit who pays for your dinner.

It's me.

(hehe sorry...i couldn't resist) 

If I offered you a drink from the bar what would it be?

I would offer you a drink first.

A Mojito with one shot of rum. (Two if I plan to get us in trouble.)

Your five famous top dinner guest (past and present people included)

That runs to close to giving up my identity. :)

Let me try to answer that without a lawsuit.

1.    She sings and dances but can never stay married.
2.    Her and her friends made this city fabulous.
3.    She is known as Hollywoods home wrecker.
4.    She was New York's original uptown girl.
5.    I also dated two Spice Girls.

Do you have a date set up for tonight?

She is taking a shower right now in my apartment.

I have not asked her yet if she wants a repeat performance of last night. :)

Oh well we had better let you go and entertainThank you for joining me and giving me the pleasure of spending some time in your life. I loved every minute of it. 

Saturday 21 February 2015

AllisonSarah: Loved and Lost on the Big Screen.

AllisonSarah: Loved and Lost on the Big Screen.: On the back of the release of ’50 Shades of Grey’ I have decided to do a little ‘Just for Fun’ post on what actors I would cast should (When...

Friday 20 February 2015

AllisonSarah: Loved and Lost on the Big Screen.

AllisonSarah: Loved and Lost on the Big Screen.: On the back of the release of ’50 Shades of Grey’ I have decided to do a little ‘Just for Fun’ post on what actors I would cast should (When...

Loved and Lost on the Big Screen.

On the back of the release of ’50 Shades of Grey’ I have decided to do a little ‘Just for Fun’ post on what actors I would cast should (When lol I wish) ‘Loved and Lost’ becomes a block buster movie.  

One of the biggest issues faced by the film maker was casting a ‘Christian Grey’ that would appease the masses of women that read the book and imagined their very own Mr. Grey… oh how to ruin a good fantasy. 

So this got me thinking about the way the author see their characters differs from the way the world imagines the characters should look.  

I asked a couple of my readers to offer their input. 

So first up Louise Adams chose the following.

Emma Watson  a very good choice for Abby. I could maybe go with her over my first choice. 

For Conrad she went for the very delicious Jake Quickendon (i can see that) 
 Taylor - Jennifer Lawrence (Almost my first choice for Abby)

Carmel  - Chloe Grace Moretz 

And all importantly Al, oh yes, i can really see that Jamie Dornan makes an amazing Al.

Next Up is Serena Louise. Serena is currently beta reading 'Twisted Love' for me so I was really excited about her input.

For Abby she chose Ellen Page (Cute option)

 Conrad - Steve Talley yes he'd certainly be a hit with the ladies 
 Taylor - Abigail Breslin 
 Carmel - Phoebe Tonkin certainly has a surfer girl hidden away
 Oh and a little cutie for Al - Logan Lerman 

So then I thought its Okay asking the ladies what hot guys they would cast for my Blockbuster Movie but what about the guys, who would they like to see playing Abby and Taylor?

I asked Warrick Mayes for his input. His response was a little surprising... lol 

Abby - Sarah Michelle Gellar although he did suggest that I play this role hummm  

Conrad - Zachary Quinto - oh a very good choice I think. 

Not sure about this one for Taylor Rosanna Arquette although she could be a good Carole (Abbys mum) 

Oh nothing for Carmel but for Al a younger Blonde Johnny Depp?!?!!?! (cant believe that i actually found a blonde Johnny Depp photo) 

Lastly the way that I as the creator of the characters in 'Loved and Lost' would make the selection at the Hollywood casting day.

I decided on the blonde blue eyed beauty Amanda Seyfried, with curly hair she in my mind makes the perfect Abby. 

Check her out in 'Red Riding Hood' I think you'd agree with me.

Oh and long before I watched Vampire diary's, whilst I was creating Conrad I saw a picture of Ian Somerhalder and wrote Conrad with him in mind, so with brown contact lenses he would have to be my man for the role.  
 Taylor would be Keira Knightley feisty and beautiful  
Needed a surfer gal for Carmel and I saw this photo of Margot Robbie, she's perfect. 

And then the most important part of my cast, the one that holds Abbys heart so tightly would be the utterly gorgeous Liam Hemsworth. Although for me Jamie Dornan was a very close runner. in fact I selected him then changed my mind.   

Monday 29 December 2014

AllisonSarah: Warrick Mayes and Sleeping with God

AllisonSarah: Warrick Mayes and Sleeping with God: It’s time to introduce you to my little secret, the wonderful Warrick Mayes.  The world had become such a dark dreary place and this ...