Monday 19 August 2013

Visit to a Psychic.

Welcome to my first ever blog. Not really sure where to start. So I guess I should just get typing and see how this goes.

As it turns out I have just been on a three week break from work and one of my treats to myself was to visit a Psychic lady. Before my reading I wasnt really sure if I believed.

I was called into the little voodoo looking shed in the back garden, as I pushed the door open and walked in the first thing she said to me was "October is your month my love its your birthday a lady is passing you a rose" creepy i thought as a little shudder ran down my spine, but that could have been just a very lucky guess...right?

firstly she read my palm and asked me to choose some tarot cards from the pack. She randomly called out a couple of names and told me that somebody was very jealous of me and that I had to watch out for it and to be careful of whom I trusted. All stuff that you could get to fit around most people I thought.

The psychic asked me about two recent fetal deaths that she felt around me, I considered this and told her that I could maybe place one as a relative had miscarried a baby earlier this year, but that I had no idea about the other one, again if you ask any lady in her thirties if she knows of somebody that had lost a baby the answer will probable be yes. But to my surprise she then blurted out "I’m picking up on a boy and his name is Tommy, Mark and Steven are both important to him" Wow she is amazing the lost baby was named Tomas Mark Steven. Ok perhaps she was just lucky with that one.

So far not bad, but then she really impressed me with what happened next. My reading was almost over and the psychic lady said to me “What’s the great love story that surrounds you…It’s on paper…I can see you writing something down…do you write?” wow I thought coincidence or lucky guess?

I will keep the other stuff close to my chest for now, but it’s fair to say that I am now a firm believer.

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