Tuesday 3 September 2013

Psssst! I’m going to let you all in on the secret of the sacred world of a women’s handbag .

You learn from a young age that you should never ever under any circumstances venture into the forbidden world of your mums mysterious handbag.

On the very rare occasion that you are asked to retrieve something from said handbag you must follow the strict instructions and only retrieve the item requested or face sudden death.

This rule follows us into Adult hood, ensuring that a women’s handbag and the vast amount of secrets it holds will be a mystery forever.

So today my dear friends I am breaking away from this particular strict rule that takes pride of place in the “secret code of women” hand book and revealing the contents on my work bag.

Here goes. I apologies in advance to all women for revealing such highly guided secrets I do hope I can be forgiven, but I often find myself doing such disrespectful things when I’m suffering from utter boredom. I’m a bad bad women.

1. Out of date letters from school and old bills. – Such items are kept for point of reference or maybe scrap paper you just never know when they might just come in useful.
2. An organizer – Not used due to storing all appointments on my smart phone, but it is handy for the moon phases and it looks good.
3. Ghostly photos – You never know when you might be stuck for a conversational point or perhaps you will bump into a medium whilst out on your lunch hour.
4. Scarf – living in England the weather has this habit of changing without prior notice
5. Purse – Obvious reasons
6. 2 pens – same as above
7. Scrap paper – you just never know
8. Make up compact containing eye shadow and lip stick – A very important piece of kit possible the most important thing any women should have in her handbag for times of emergency you just never know who you might bump into.
9. Make up bag with 3 lip sticks and cover stick – Same as above plus a choice of colour is vital
10. Migraine sumatriptan – Epic importance for all Migraine sufferers
11. Paracetamol 500mg – as above
12. Ibuprofene 200mg – as above
13. Tesco migraine refile 342mg – as above hmm I have a tablet collection to rival any chemist store
14. House keys – obvious reasons
15. Car keys - same
16. Work keys – same
17. Phone – connection to the world and boredom smasher tool
18. Chewy – gives my jaw something to do
19. XXX strong mints – for after coffee
20. Angle – to guide me
21. Hair grip – emergency tool for bad hair days

Now you must guide this secret with your life and never let on that you know what interesting important items us women store in our bags.

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