Saturday 6 September 2014

I have had quite a lot on over the last few months and haven’t really had the time to write, blog, or review books. I apologise to both the authors that have been waiting for my reviews to arrive.

Firstly I would like to say Sorry to the wonderful Karen Farris and thank you for sending me the third and Final book in the grumbles series “How Many Pills”

I have now finished the final book in the truly brilliant Grumbles trilogy ‘How many pills did you take?’ and laughed along with the brilliant author with ever page turn.

The plot is gripping to the end as all of the secrets and strange moments that Petite the undercover agent and her side kick the adorable Toga had to face begin to unfold.

Will Petit and Toga get to the Spudapalooza in time to bring down the wicked evil twin of her beloved Hector? Who is ‘M’ and why do the baddies always seem to be able to track Petite and Toga down? And will we ever get to use one of those fabulous cabbage bombs.

And then onto the truly amazing Terry Tylor, Sorry for all the waiting around and thank you for the opportunity to read “Round and Round”

Round and Round By Terry Tyler, this book another of Terry’s masterpieces, I simply love this lady’s work she always writes about the things that most women actually think about in life and this story is no different.

The story follows Sophie thought her life leading up to her 40th birthday. Unhappy with her current love life and felling trapped by her mother’s words of “Life Ends at 40”  and the fact that the dreaded day is looming Sophie finds herself asking the age old question of what if, but with the help of an unexplainable force lead by her adoring old Aunt Flick, Sophie is given an insight as to how her life would have turned out if she had chosen to follow the “Other” paths on offer.

Again lady’s I’m sorry for making you both wait, I know how horrible it is when you are waiting for feedback or reviews.

I would also like to thank both ladies for giving me the opportunity to read and review their work.

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