Tuesday 9 September 2014

Thank you Karen for including me on the blog hop path. I have been following the chain and reading with interest why other people write and it appears we all have one thing in common and that is because we have to.

So I don't think my reason is anymore unique then anybody else's instead I'll give a little insight into me, my processes and when the urge started.

One thing I would like to ask is how many of my writer friends had imaginary friends as a child? As I think this is when my story telling began, I would squeeze behind the sofa and according to my mother talk in a range of different voices to my invisible people acting out my games. Hum yes okay that now sounds strange ... but I think it was just my way of releasing the story's before I could write...

Okay moving on.

Once I learnt to write there was no stopping me, little bits of story's emerged and on any little bits of spare pieces of scrap paper. Some of which I still have today (*cough cough* although my childhood was not THAT long ago)

Every school report was the same Allison loves to read and has a very vivid imagination but her spelling is a problem, she spells how she speaks...thus been a big issue as people from Hull have a strong accent and pronounce words very differently to how they are spelt in the Oxford English Dictionary. As this was a constant struggle for me I lost my confidence and only ever wrote my story's for my best friend and this is how Perditor was born.

I wrote the story from a game that we played together and she illustrated the book, we planned that one day we would get it published by working in this way. To this day Perditor still sits on the shelf. Bless it...it's still there only it's need to be told was not as strong as "Loved and Lost" and the second book "Twisted Love" they were much more impatient.

Back onto the WHY.

Nagging - I'm sure many of you will feel this too, the constant niggling of the characters and for some reason the more you ignore them the louder they shout.

Day Dreaming - Then the take over. Until I give in and start tapping away I find that I fall into a constant state of zombie like day dreams acting out scenarios in my mind.

The Actual Writing - I'm not a writer that needs to plan the plot, I just write as it comes out, I scribble down parts of the story as they develop in my mind and then I slot those parts in as the story develops and yes as wrong as it is I have also written a story ending when I was only part of the way through the story. I can't explain why I tend to "scatter" write it's just the way I work.

Well the above is my take on WHY I write and now I'm going to introduce two amazing lady's to the chain.

My good friend and supporter Serena Louise and the author of the brilliant "Madeline" Serena has helped me no end with Loved and Lost and for that I'm eternally grateful

"I'm a writer. At least, I'd like to think so. I write. I think about writing. I'm in love with my characters, and they are my first thoughts in the morning and last at night. I'm obsessed by people that don't exist. By that little analysis, I like to believe that I am a writer, unpublished or not. The unpublished bit might be over one day, but even now in the trenches of an unfinished or unedited novel I think that I am exactly that."

Serena's blog http://serenaswritingroom.blogspot.co.uk/

Introducing Miss Scarlett Fslame I'm not sure if Scarlett will remember but her blog was my inspiration to blog and I'm honoured that she agreed to take part in the blog hop with me.

"Flame haired girl writing her second novel...Well hello there and come on in and take a seat. Let me introduce myself, my name is Scarlett Flame and this is my Blog. I will share books, reviews and my adventures (when I have them) so please visit often. Writing and reading are my two main passions and I hope to share them with you"

Scarlett flames blog http://missscarlettflame.blogspot.co.uk/

Over to you lady's I look forward to your post.


  1. The Hull accent is the best English accent!

    1. Haha why thank you Eric I think so too :) or should I say aww mate cheers like, it's ace in't it ;)