Friday 28 March 2014

The day I got the news that I was going to have to retire with immediate effect my best friend and soul mate I felt as though my world had fallen apart. Heartbroken simply does not describe the feelings that crashed through me.

I can still remember the day that I visited Monarch for the first time. He was a funny looking over weight pony with a hogged main and huge gentle brown eyes I instantly fell in love with him.

19 years on and we have been through so much, we have competed in countless cross-country and show jumping classes, hacked to other towns and back, even been swimming in the sea, but nothing can compare to the mental peace he has often brought to me. Without so much as a spoken word he has supported me through every issue and stumbling block I have faced. Answering my pleas with a nudge a whinny or just a warm stare has been enough to bring me harmony.

Monarch even taught my daughter to ride and to love all things horse.

So it is now my turn to give him a special retirement, filled with nice lead rein walks, treats and long lazy days in the sun, whilst he watches me from afar and fills me with guilt as I ride our temporary youngster Ferris. After we was given the news of Monarch’s heart condition the Yard owner offered a little rescue pony to my daughter. Again Ferris was a funny looking creature with eyes that looked a little wild and frightened. We took him on with the full knowledge that this boy was a problem pony but with the determination that I would work with him until he is suitable for a child to ride. This is my new challenge, and what a challenge it is, but I’m sure in the long run all the blood sweat and tears that I’m shedding will be worth it the first time my daughter takes him into a show or when the day come and Ferris finds his Forever home (again that day will break my heart but he’s simply too small for us to keep)

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